Marist Hermitage is a place of spiritual formation and rejuvenation that links the Marist story from past years to the present. The Hermitage offers a range of facilities suitable for school groups, adult and young adult groups and families. Marist Wines have been in production for more than ten years. You are welcome to explore our wines at the Hermitage cellar door or join the Marist Wine Club!
According the the SMH we have the best jams this side of heaven! Come to the cellar door to taste our latest locally produced preserves.

A Brief History...

Originally acquired to serve as the Novitiate 
(a training centre for young men to become Brothers), the property was purchased in 1905 from Dr Edwin Chisholm. After the Novitiate was transferred to Sydney in 1985, the vacated premises were renamed ‘Marist Farmhouse’ and used for young adult ministry.  The Juniorate, 
(a secondary boarding school for boys aspiring to become Brothers) moved to Mittagong in 1917 and remained there for 55 years. With its closure at the end of 1972, the vacated premises were then used for school retreats and the site was renamed the ‘Marist Retreat Centre’. From the beginning of 2006 both sites were merged to form The Hermitage, the original name given to the property in 1906 when the Brothers first bought it. It was given this name in honour of the Mother House of the Marist Brothers near Lyon in France, built by the founder of the Brothers, Marcellin Champagnat, in 1824-26.


 Resident community
Integral to the life of The Hermitage is the resident community of Brothers who live on the property. The Brothers’ community is eight in number, the same number that was asked to establish the foundation community in 1906! 
Of the eight, two of the Brothers manage the farm and vineyard, two maintain The Hermitage property and grounds, three oversee hospitality and welcome, and one offers hospitality from the Brothers’ monastery.



A ‘Working Property’
The Hermitage property extends for 155 hectares (about 383 acres). The property supports 80-100 head of cattle, 20 head of sheep and 13 hectares of grape vines. It is very much a ‘working property’ as is readily evident to visitors and guests as they make their way from the front gate to the retreat and accommodation facilities. In addition to the livestock and grapes, the property also supports an orchard, an olive grove, a citrus grove and a poultry farm of chickens, ducks and geese.



Marist Brothers Cemetery
Located on Diamond Fields Road, this cemetery was once part of the Edmund Burke and family estate “Rose Vale”. It was given to the Catholic Church by Mary and Susan Burke, and later to the Trustees of the Marist Brothers who now use and maintain it. 
From 1907 until 1917 the cemetery was closed. In 1919 the first Marist Brother, Br Papinien, was buried in the Brothers’ Section. For further details about those buried in 
this cemetery click here






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Mission Charter

Our Identity
The Hermitage is a sacred place where those who are connected to the Marist mission are “at home”. It is a place of spiritual formation and rejuvenation that links the Marist story from past years to the present. It is a place of pilgrimage, inviting all who visit to a wider and deeper appreciation of what it means to be sowers of the Good News nurturing the Church into life, in the way of Mary.

Our Values 
The Hermitage is inspired by a way of living the Gospel, entrusted to us by Marcellin Champagnat – Presence, Simplicity, Family Spirit, Love of Work and following in The Way of Mary. Accordingly, it is a spiritual haven where those who come are listened to and engage with others in a spirit of openness and trust. The way of life at The Hermitage is unpretentious, simple and rustic. Visitors and pilgrims contribute to the practical everyday life of the community and identify with the Marist mission to make Jesus known and loved. It is a place of vitality and action, a working property which invites people to contribute to and participate in its life, and like Mary, give witness to God’s action among us.

Our Community 
At the core of The Hermitage is a community of Brothers who welcome all who are connected to the Marist mission – Brothers, young people, staff and students, families, parish groups, other religious groups, community groups and pilgrims.

Our Hope 
The Hermitage is a dream space for the Spirit providing access to the Marist story. It is both a place of rest and solace and a working community where peace is discovered and beauty enjoyed. It is imbued with Marist history and heritage, a place to be reverenced and cared for. With audacity and hope we go forth from The Hermitage to make Jesus known and loved.


Chapel of the Visitation 
Well worth a visit, the Chapel of the Visitation was fully refurbished in 2006 to mark a century of Marist presence at Mittagong. Originally built in a neo-gothic style in 1926, the chapel was the focus of daily prayer and Eucharist for the novice Brothers in formation when the Novitiate was here. Today, the chapel is open to pilgrims, guests and visitors for personal prayer and reflection. Guest groups usually arrange to use the chapel as part of their program.

To find out a little more about the liturgical and religious artwork click here.

Retreat & Spirituality Programs

Most retreat and spirituality programs at The Hermitage are facilitated and presented by the group that has booked the facility. However, a number of Province programs are conducted here each year by the Marist Ministries Office.

  • Footsteps

  • Contemplative Retreat


Youth & Young Adult Gatherings
If you would like to know more about any of these programs, or you would like to register to attend, just click the title and follow the links.

  • The Hermitage Easter


  • Year 12 Marist Forum

  • Young Marist Retreat
  • Year 11 Marist Forum
  • Marist Student Leaders Forum

Retreat and Spirituality Programmes

Spiritual Direction.
Spiritual Direction  (Prayer Companioning) has been a ministry in the Church down through the ages.  It is more accurately termed spiritual companioning, since the Holy Spirit is the ultimate Director.
The person who seeks Spiritual Direction is encouraged to allow God to be the centre of attention.  In a conversation that takes place in a prayerful and trusting setting, the person will be helped to notice and attend to this God, who seeks to develop a personal relationship with her/him.

Why Spiritual Direction?
People have a variety of reasons for seeking Spiritual Direction.

  1. Some want to learn a style of prayer that is tailored to their own personality and needs.
  2. They may have a gnawing hunger for “something more”
    in life.
  3. They are looking for God in their everyday life.
  4. Sometimes a crisis may lead people to question where God is or where God has gone.
  5. At other times someone might want spiritual guidance in making an important decision
    in life.

Directed Retreat

A Directed retreat is time in silence with your God. A Spiritual Director will accompany you in being open and sensitive to what God is doing and will encourage you to be trusting of God’s invitations.  You may choose a two day Directed Retreat or a five day (Monday to Friday).  These are available by arrangement.


  • La Valla -Conference facilities available for adult spirituality.
  • Le Rosey – Facilities and accommodation available for school retreats.
  • Guest Cottages – Available for groups and individuals. includes facilities for self catering.
  • La Valla
  • Le Rosey
  • Guest Cottages

La Valla: A retreat and spirituality facility for adult groups

The La Valla precint of the Hermitage property is also the place where you will find Reception and the Chapel of Visitation. Also available for guests on the property three meeting areas and 38 en-suited bedrooms.



Presentation and meeting areas

Brother Victor Ludeke Hall

The Ludeke Hall is a brand new facility at The Hermitage and is fully equipped for with data projector, integrated sound system, wireless internet and four independent meeting rooms. Ideal for adult group presentations, liturgies and meetings, this space can seat up to 150 people. Located at ground level this facility is fully accessible by wheel chair.



Fergus Room & Library


This room can be used for up to 25 guests as a prayer space and/or presentation space. An attractive feature of this space is the vista that can be viewed from the room. Adjoining this space is a small library which includes a reference section, a selection of Marist writings and mixed collection of spiritual and theological radings.


Sebastian Room


This room is located upstairs and is adjacent to the bedroom suites. It can be used for up to 16 guests as a recreation space (TV and reading) and/or a small group discussion and presentation space. The large flat screen TV monitor and the wireless internet make this an easy space to make elctronic presentations. Adjoining this room is a small annex which is equipped with tea and coffee facilities, washing machine and iron.




La Valla has 38 ensuited rooms available for guests. Each bedroom has been blessed with a view of the property and includes a writing desk, clothes storage and ensuite facilities. All rooms are well insulated against for noise and are heated during the cooler months!


Our Weeping Cherry in full bloom at the circular rose garden at Reception.

Le Rosey - A Retreat & Spirituality Facility for School & Youth Groups

An aerial view of Le Rosey



Stanislaus Room

Named after the Brother who was provincial when the property was aquired, the Stanislaus Room is fully equipped with data projector and sound system. Originally the chapel for the Juniorate, this space is usually used for liturgy by student retreat groups and is a multi-use space which will seat up to 100 people comfortably.

Student Retreat Room

Fully equipped with data projector and sound system. This room is located adjacent to 8 small group discussion rooms. Ideal for student retreat presentations for up to 80. Located on the first floor.

Brother Baptist Room

Fully equipped with data projector and sound system. Located at the front of the original 1906 building. Ideal for adult group presentations and liturgy for up to 50. Located on the first floor.



The accommodation at the Le Rosey site is dormitory style, with four dorms of 12-15 beds and an annex (or overflow) which accommodates an additional 20 beds. In all, the facility is able to accommodate up to 80 students/young people and has 8 room for staff.




The Hermitage has a good range of indoor and outdoor recreation areas, make it a suitable site for all weather conditions. Included among the recreational facilities are:

Table Tennis


Outdoors: Football, tennis, basketball, volleyball 

Guest Cottages - A retreat & spirituality facility for individuals & families

The Guest Cottages are available for individual and family bookings. Each cottage has a kitchen, living and a dining area and are all supplied with linen and towels. In those cases where the booking is for more than one cottage an independent kitchen and dining area is available for use. This kitchen facility will accommodate up 12 people.

Cottage Details:

Garden Cottage
4 bedrooms w. 1 double and 3 twin shares
4-8 persons
Le Rosey
Great outlook!
Doms Cottage
3 bedrooms w. 2 doubles and 2 singles
2-6 persons
Le Rosey
Xavier Suite
3 bedrooms w. 1 double and 2 twin share
2-5 persons
Le Rosey
Kitchenette facilities only.
Farm Cottage
3 bedrooms w. 1 queen and 2 singles
1-4 persons
La Valla
Great vineyard views!
Gallys Cottage
2 bedrooms w. 1 queen & 1 single
1-3 persons
La Valla
Ideal for personal retreat
'Guest Kitchen-Dining'
Fully equipped with cooking and serving utensils, this area serves as a kitchen & dining room.
Up to 12 persons
Le Rosey
Good for multiple cottage bookings


Garden Cottage


Recently refurbished, this is the biggest of our guest cottages, accommodating up to 8 adults. A wonderful feature of this cottage is the sun room which looks out onto an uninterrupted rural vista. Ideal for a larger family or group of friends.

Doms Cottage


Originally the home of the chaplain to the Juniorate (now Le Rosey), Doms Cottage is a cosy living space with most of the sleeping and living area found on the enclosed verandah that circles this dwelling. Ideal for a couple or a family of four.

Xavier Suite


Unlike the other guest cottages at The Hermitage, the Xavier Suite is part of the original 1906 building. Before this space was refurbished into the current suite of rooms, it served as a sacristy to the chapel and a parlour for the Brother Director! Ideal for up to 2-3 couples.

Farm Cottage


Originally located at the Brothers' school at Darlinghurst, Sydney, it was first used as the Brothers' study and a classroom. Since its relocation to Mittagong in 1927, it has served as an infirmary and in more recent years as accommodation for the farm manager.

Gallys Cottage


Originally the home of the chaplain to the Novitiate (now La Valla) Gally's Cottage is the smallest of the guest cottages available at The Hermitage. Ideal as an individual retreat space or as a weekend escape for two.

To make a booking simply
Complete the Booking Enquiry Form and email it 
On receipt of this enquiry form we will be in contact to discuss your booking.

Arrival & Departure:
Unless arranged otherwise, all cottages will be available from 4:00pm on the first day of the booking and will need to be vacated by 10:00am on the last day of the booking.




To make a Group Booking (La Valla & Le Rosey) could you:

Click here for visiting clergy notification to the Bishop paperwork

To make a Personal Booking (Guest Cottages) could you:

When making a booking enquiry, please be ready to provide the following information:

Group information including

    • Group/ name
    • Address
    • Arrival date
    • Arrival time/first meal
    • Departure date
    • Departure time/last meal
    • Purpose
    • Numbers: male/female
    • Special requirements/requests such as diet and/or 'wine tasting' ....

Contact information including

    • Organisers name
    • Phone number
    • Fax number
    • Mobile number
    • Email address

The historic Le Rosey building as viewed from the front entrance

  • Marist Wines
  • History
  • The Wines

Marist Brothers Wines

We are about to enter our 13th growing season and in early 2014 our 12th Harvest from the Marist Brothers vineyards at Mittagong. We have come a long way since the first planting of Pinot Noir in 1999 to the release of our first vintage port for the Centenary of the Hermitage. Visitors to the Hermitage are now greeted by rows of meticulously tended grapevines – drawing many parallels to the French origins of the Marist Brothers.

The cyclical nature of the vineyard; from budburst to harvest and dormancy; compliments the spirituality of the property and cycles within the church. During a period of uncertainty in the wine industry, Marist Brothers Wines remain strong due to the high quality of wines produced. The vineyard at Mittagong is a cool climate vineyard – meaning the grapes ripen longer on the vine. This allows for delicate and complex flavours to be produced and creates wines of unique character.

Wine more than any other commodity draws its flavours and character from the vineyard site where it was produced. Marist Brothers Wines provide a great opportunity for guests and members of the Marist Family to connect with the Hermitage property. The soil, climate, rainfall and location of the vineyard together create the flavour of the wine. Visitors are able to take away with them a part of the property – a year at Mittagong in a bottle.


Wine List

To purchase Marist wines either pop down to the historic Hermitage property in Mittagong or Order Online and fax it through to us. We can arrange delivery across Australia.

Pinot Noir 2010
Merlot Cabernet 2010
Sauvignon Blanc 2011
Pinot Gris 2013
Vendange Tardive Pinot Gris

Coming Soon
Riesling 2013 (August 2013)
Merlot 2013 (October 2013)
Pinot Noir 2012 (October 2013)
Dessert Merlot (November 2013)

Coming soon! Please check back

Coming soon! Please check back.

Open 11am - 4pm Saturday and Sunday or by apointment

The Hermitage, Mittagong NSW
A ministry of the Marist Brothers


The Hermitage
Old South Road (PO Box 303)
Mittagong NSW 2575

Phone (02) 4872-1911 (International: +61 2 4872 1911)
(02) 4871-1991 (International: +61 2 4871 1991)
  Property No: 843 Old South Road

Individual Contact Details

Director, Brothers Community Leader
Brother Bill Sullivan
02 4872 1911

Assistant Director
Brother Robert Aitken
02 4872 1911

Office Manager 
Ms Jodi Isedale
02 4872 1911

Catering Manager 
02 4871 3647

Farm Manager and Vigneron
Brother Francis Elvidge
02 4871 3647

Wine and Cellar Door Manager
Brother Anthony Robertson
0439 419 243

Vineyard Manager 
Martin Elferink

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